Our mission

Our purpose is to inspire learners to improve the quality of their life and the lives of others

Inspired learning that improves quality of life

For us, the learner is always the hero. We recognise they make a significant and positive difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

We’re passionate about engaging, informing and inspiring learners. By using innovative, blended learning approaches we can better impart knowledge, insight and experience to empower our learners to raise industry standards and ultimately enhance and improve the quality of care they provide.

Altura Learning is committed to providing flexible, responsive and innovative learning solutions of the highest quality that meet the needs of both employers, employees and individual learners. Coupled with a dedicated team that strives for excellence, we focus on maximising learning outcomes, personal growth and achievement.

Altura Learning Social Care Online Courses
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Our Values: Shaping our culture, brand and success

  • individuals
    Customer Success

    We are driven by a will to achieve but it’s not just about us. Our success is always determined by that of our customers. We build genuine partnerships based on mutual respect and focus on the personal development of our team, care providers, individual learners or the care recipients.

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    What if

    Best practice is essential but it’s never enough. We are passionate about making a meaningful difference to the lives of our learners and the people they support. That’s why we constantly challenge ourselves and each other to explore new ideas and create better approaches.

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    Enjoy the journey

    We not only believe in what we do, we love it. Whether we are creating course content, fostering relationships or educating learners we are passionate about making the experience exciting and memorable. The more we enjoy the journey, the more everyone benefits.

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    Own it

    Ownership is the foundation of the ‘can-do’ attitude that binds and drives us. We are all accountable and committed to finding solutions. We make things happen.

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    Integrity, honesty and a passion to deliver exceptional quality is at the core of everything we do. Natural team builders and collaborators, we actively seek opportunities to work together to improve the effectiveness of learning in our industry.

Our Story

“The root of happiness is altruism – the wish to be of service to others”

Inspiring learning that improves quality of life

Our founders built everything from scratch, responding to a gap they identified in the care market: making sure carers were receiving specific training and a unique learning experience. We’ve always been passionate about providing the best service to our members and innovating learning in the care sector. We can proudly say that giving to others has always been and will always be at the core of our DNA.

For more than 20 years, we’ve created high quality, media-rich online care training for those working in or aspiring to work in the residential or home care sector. Now, with the support of our clients and our parent company Bolton Clarke, we are expanding into new sectors, introducing new high-end software and technology and delivering accredited learning solutions.

Our new name and brand, Altura Learning, further emphasises our ambition. Inspired by altruism and altitude, ‘Altura’ is as unique as we are. It conveys a genuine passion to always aim higher and the selfless desire of our learners and industry to improve people’s quality of life.

Altura Learning Social Care Online Courses
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Care providers & partners
Industry awards & counting
  • 1980's


    First TV Training Network

    The founders developed the art of live interactive satellite television back in the 1980′s, setting up the first successful TV training networks for doctors and pharmacists throughout Australia.

  • 1990's


    TV Programs that engage, inform, inspire.

    When they turned their focus to the care sector they had a simple vision: quality of care for older people could be transformed by making TV programs that engage care staff in learning, inform them about quality practice and inspire them to strive for better outcomes.

  • 1990's


    Aged care channel (ACC TV) is launched

    When ACC was launched in Sydney back in 2003, this winning formula was enthusiastically embraced by the Australian care sector, where soon, nearly two in every three care facilities became ACC members. We’ve always been passionate about providing the best service to our members and innovating learning in the care sector. We can proudly say that giving to others has always been and will always be at the core of our DNA.

  • 1990's


    ACC is launched in the UK

    The success of ACC in Australia impressed industry leaders in the United Kingdom who invited the Australian team to set up a UK version with a particular focus initially for residential care providers. Early recognition of Skills for Care and the National Skills Academy for Social Care was achieved and ACC soon built a solid founding membership.

  • 1990's


    ACC is launched in Ireland & New Zealand

    2017 saw Aged Care Channel launch in both New Zealand and Ireland.

  • 1990's


    ACC becomes Altura Learning

    ACC becomes Altura Learning. Altura Learning expands its activities into social care and new high-end software and technology.

Our Team

Meet our outstanding leadership team

John Bell
Interim CEO

John joined Altura Learning in December 2022. He brings to the company many years experience in global companies in media content production, licensing and distribution.

His experience includes appointments as Chairman, CEO, CFO, Executive and Non-executive Director of privately owned, US, UK, Hong Kong and ASX listed companies. He has A BSc in Administrative Science, an MBA, and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK), a Fellow of CPA Australia, and an Associate Member of the Audio Engineering Society.

The development and commercialization of intellectual property via licensing structures has been a common thread to this career. He also has ten years teaching experience at postgraduate level with a focus on strategic planning.

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Mish-Fawke Altura Learning aged care social care training
Mish Fawke
General Manager Altura Learning UK

Mish Fawke, an award winning Business Leader, joined Altura Learning in November 2023. Most recently she worked at MJF Consultancy, where she was Founder and Director, focusing on business transformation, change management, learning & development and customer experience. She has worked across a broad reach of both blue chip and SME industries, operating in the world of waste management, transport, rail and retail to name a few.

Mish brings with her a wealth of experience in successfully transforming teams and companies, ensuring that they reach their true potential and is delighted to have joined Altura Learning this year. Having cared for her elderly parent and siblings in recent years, she has a keen interest in ensuring people have access to high quality learning content for the good of patients and loved ones.

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Angela Williams Altura learning
Angela Williams
General Manager Customer, Sales & Marketing

Angela Williams is an internationally-trained multidisciplinary marketing expert and educator who has worked in the US, Europe and Australia.

With a strong background in entrepreneurial endeavours, she’s worked across traditional and digital marketing, communications, business strategy and operations.

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Virginia Poppe Altura Learning Aged Care education training
Virginia Poppe
Production Manager
Virginia has been a Learning and Development Consultant and Project Manager for many years, specialising in blended design, including Instructional, Web and Graphic Design, eLearning, animation, audio, video and agile project management.
Virginia has various qualifications including an MBA and Cert. IV in Training and Assessment and has extensive experience in many diverse fields and roles.
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