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Altura Learning’s Learning Pathway and Organisation of courses

August 1, 2019 |

You’ll notice all of Altura Learning’s courses have one of four levels of a Learning Pathway assigned to them.

This is what each level means:


A defined set of courses to support a new staff member entering an organisation. Typically these courses are values or compliance based to meet the goals of an organisation.


A defined set of courses to support staff and/or volunteers. Typically these courses are to provide awareness and introductory information, including subjects that are required for mandatory/compliance learning.


A defined set of courses for all staff to further develop knowledge or care staff who are building on a fundamental knowledge base to develop further skills around a specific series.


A defined set of courses for staff who want to advance knowledge. Targeted towards experienced staff who want to develop understanding on more complex subject matter or areas of leadership.

All of Altura Learning’s courses are classified into a collection and series:

Summary of Library Series

Individual Support • Rights and Responsibilities
• Individual Wellbeing
• Safeguarding (UK ONLY)
Health & Safety • Risk Management
• Infection Prevention and Control
• Health & Safety
Care & Clinical • Activities of Daily Living
• Skin Integrity
• Diseases and Health Related Conditions
• Dementia
• Mental Health
• Diabetes
• Pain
• Medication Management
• Clinical Skills
• End of Life Care
Information Management • Information Management
• Quality
People Management • HR Management
Towards Outstanding • Innovation
• Learning and Development

When staff are working towards a goal or developing a skill set, you can utilise the series and learning pathway information to develop an individualised learning plan. Start with the series that you want to develop the skill or knowledge base in, then ascertain what their current knowledge is. You can do this through reflective questioning or utilising one of our assessments. Depending on where you need to start, you can work through fundamental, developing and advancing courses to build on their knowledge and skills.

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