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Bridge Enrolments – Ready, Set, Enrol!

May 4, 2023 |

In early April, Bridge quietly released a new feature which will be useful for many Altura Learning Customers. Before we go through it, let’s review the current enrolment features.


As a default, all courses completed in Bridge are valid forever. A certificate never expires. Compliance training is an important exception. To demonstrate compliance, learners need to certify at scheduled intervals. Bridge includes three re-enrolment features.


  1. SCHEDULED: When the re-enrol feature is enabled, a course will remain valid for a specific period of time (365 days), and then it will expire. A few weeks prior to the expiration date, learners will be enrolled again. They are notified via email.
  2. MANUAL: In 2021, Bridge added a button to re-enrol users. The only criteria is that users must have already completed a course. As soon as the button is clicked, the learner receives an email notification and they can retake the course.

VOLUNTARY: Bridge courses can be set up to allow learners to re-enrol in a course and to complete it at their own pace.


The scheduled feature is useful for yearly mandatory learning. At the beginning of the year, learners can start on their curriculum. Once complete, nothing happens until it is allocated the following year.

The manual feature is useful for unscheduled learning. For example, when an inspection is planned and staff need to prepare. While this feature is useful, it does not allow administrators to re-enroll a specific group of learners.

The voluntary re-enrol feature is useful if you don’t need to demonstrate compliance. When learners enrol or re-enrol, they have no due date, and are able to complete their eLearning at their own pace. Learners are never overdue. To use this feature, your Bridge Learning Coordinator needs to complete two tasks:

  1. Turn on the “Allow self Re-enroll” feature in Course Settings
  2. Put the course into the learning library


Bridge quietly released a new enhancement to the scheduled enrolments. With this new functionality, Administrators can set course expiration dates differently. Previously learner expiration dates were calculated based upon the completion date. For example, if I completed Infection Control on 26/04/2023, then my course would expire on 26/04/2024. I would get an email on 12/04/2024 (two weeks before expiration) notifying me of the new learning. Now we can calculate the expiration based upon the enrolment date (please see screenshot below).

What is the big deal? Using the classic re-enrolment feature, learners complete their training on different days. Therefore their expiration and re-enrolment will happen on different days. This makes reporting trickier.

With the new model, learners are tied to a specific yearly learning initiative. Instead of staggered expiration dates, all learning expires on the same date. This makes reporting easier for the learning coordinator when using Analytics. They can run their transcript dashboard and filter based upon a specific enrolment date.


That’s a wrap for this issue. We do hope you enjoy the enhancement to the Auto re-enrol functionality.

Please reach out to us on if you have questions, or would like to offer feedback.

Tim Lambert, Technical Customer Success Manager

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