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Bridge Programs

November 25, 2021 |

Bridge includes a feature called programs which allow you to bundle different types of learning together. This simplifies the learning assignment task, and allows similar topics to be joined together as a learning path. The following article describes this popular feature, and how to best use it for your team.

Getting Started: Creating a Program in Bridge:

  1. Log onto Bridge with Author rights
  2. Go to Author–>Programs
  3. Click on the new program button
  4. Add different learnable objects (Courses, Live Trainings &, Checkpoints)
  5. Add any explanatory text, titles or sections

Common Examples of Programs:

  1. Induction & Orientation for new employees
  2. Mandatory learning
  3. Deep dive topics

New Program Enhancements:

Bridge has been working hard to introduce new functionalities to the Programs suite. Here are a few recent enhancements.

  • The ability to duplicate programs
  • The ability to archive courses attached to programs
  • The ability to duplicate programs

Future Program Enhancements (coming in 2022):

Next year the Bridge Team will be introducing Journeys. These enhancements will take programs to a new level.

  • The ability to nest programs within programs
  • The ability to assign programs:
    • Immediately
    • After a delay
    • On a specific future date

Common Issues with Programs:

  • Problem 1: When converting a program to perpetual (non-expire), some learners are not picked up for re-enrollment.
  • Solution: After changing the program settings, update the expiry date of each completed learner. You can do this one-by-one, or via csv file.
  • Problem 2: Adding a course to a new program. After adding, the new course is not assigned to learners who have previously completed the entire program.
  • Solution: Duplicate the program and then add the new course. Transition your team over to the newly updated program.


Programs are a handy way to organise and send out bundles of learning. With some preparation and creativity, you can create topics that are engaging for your staff. What are your favourite program features?

For more information on Programs, please visit programs in the Bridge Community:

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