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New name signals new services and growth for leading industry learning provider

April 6, 2018 |

Leading industry learning solutions provider Aged Care Channel has announced a new name reflecting its ongoing work to innovate and expand geographically and across health, disability and social sectors, supported by award-winning technology.

The new name, Altura Learning, draws from the passion to always aim higher (Altitude) and the selfless desire of learners in the health and social care sector to improve the lives of clients (Altruism).

The name recognises the trajectory that has seen the organisation grow from its beginnings as a provider of learning for aged care providers in Australia to serve a broader customer base across new sectors and geographies.

Today, Altura Learning creates media rich, responsive and engaging learning solutions. Content is customer-focused, drawing on cutting edge research, industry experts and frontline carer and client stories nationally and into the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

Altura Learning CEO Yvonne Webley said with government reform, health trends and changing client needs driving transformation and growth across the health and social care sectors, there is a clear need for integrated and responsive learning solutions to empower and inspire a customer-focused workforce.

“The work Altura Learning and our Altura Learning Academy (a registered training organisation offering accredited learning courses) do to engage, inform and inspire has never been more important than now, within a changing consumer environment and dynamic industry landscape,” she said.

“For more than 20 years, we have created high quality, media rich learning solutions for those working in or aspiring to work in the aged care sector.

“Now, we are expanding our global reach and building on our success in aged care to move into new market segments and inspire learners across health and social care. Not only will we be delivering solutions for business, we will be also opening our offering to individual learners, particularly in the carers segment where there is an identified need for information and support.

“We’ve made a significant investment in research and development and have worked collaboratively with our members, government, and key research organisations to build an evidence-informed learning approach that is relevant for the care workforce and responsive to current and future needs.

“Our customer-focused content also draws from a deep understanding of our care provider members and their specific challenges, and can be tailored and scaled to suit our customers, from an individual carer looking after Mum at home to small remote providers and major national and international groups supporting large, diverse workforce needs.”

Altura Learning’s products are delivered via a state-of-the-art learning management system that allows organisations to create integrated learning, development and employee engagement packages and develop and support individual learning targets.

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About Altura Learning

Altura Learning launched as Aged Care Channel in Australia in 2003 and in the United Kingdom in 2009. Today it operates in Australia, the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

Their Learning Management System (Bridge LMS) is exclusive and a game changer in the care sector learning market. Bridge is already a winner of 5 awards from best user experience to Expert’s choice.

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