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Care Certificate

Looking for a specialist Care Certificate training provider?

Here, at Altura Learning, we provide social care companies with access to specialist Care Certificate Care Training Courses.

Support the induction and development of your care staff with Altura Learning’s leading care courses. Consisting of 15 standards, the care certificate training we provide establishes all the knowledge and training your new starters will need to grasp the basics of aged care standards in the UK. 

Through quality video-based courses designed by our subject matter experts; as well as useful learning resources and assessments, Altura Learning can provide quick and effective care certificate training to new employees of your care organisation. 

It’s important any care staff working with older people or disabilities is sufficiently equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform their job to the best of their ability. That’s why we’ve created our care certificate learning programme to cover all the essential training topics for your staff.


Are you a care organisation looking for support with care elearning for your staff?

We offer a comprehensive range of learning solutions for care providers to help their staff excel and provide top care and nursing. Not only do we have one of the largest course libraries for aged care, disability support, and mandatory care training, but we also have our very own learning management system and learning resources to help teach care training and do whatever we can to be the best in the care elearning business!


Our 15 Care Certificate Standards

Each of our 15 care standards is packed with expert tips and training on how to give the best care. Get your staff up and running with our care certificate training:


Care Certificate: For Co-ordinators

Care Certificate: Standard 02 – Your Personal Development

Your Personal Development focuses on how an individual can support their own learning through communication skills, reflecting, and actioning feedback from others. It also covers how to start a personal development plan (PDP) to track and record care learning.

Care Certificate: Standard 03 – Duty of Care

Duty of Care is about understanding the rights and responsibilities care staff have when caring for an individual and explores conflicts and dilemmas that may arise and how these can be resolved in a professional manner.

Care Certificate: Standard 04 – Equality & Diversity 

Learners will be taught the importance of diversity, equality, inclusion, and discrimination in a care environment and how to work in an inclusive way and challenge others in a positive way.

Care Certificate: Standard 05 – Work in a Person Centered Way

Working in a person centered way is about respecting and acting on the needs and wishes of an individual in care. In this topic we will explore daily scenarios that will help learners understand how to work in a person centered way.

Care Certificate: Standard 06 – Communication

Standard 6 teaches effective communication and understanding the communication and language needs of an individual, and how to meet those needs both verbal and non-verbal.

Care Certificate: Standard 07 – Privacy & Dignity

Understand the situations where a person’s privacy and dignity might be compromised and how to take precautions to ensure privacy and dignity is kept.

Care Certificate: Standard 08 – Fluids & Nutrition

This section explores how good nutrition and hydration contribute positively to wellbeing and how to manage nutrition in line with care plans. It will also show learners how to supply appropriate utensils and  support individuals to eat and drink as independently as possible.

Care Certificate: Standard 09 – Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia, & Learning Disability

Learners will be trained on the emotions and feelings an individual might display when experiencing mental health issues, dementia or a learning disability. This section will also show how to make adjustments to care when an individual needs support with these issues.

Care Certificate: Standard 10 & 11: Standard 10 – Safeguarding Adults & Standard 11 – Safeguarding Children

Understand what harm and abuse can consist of, generally and in a care environment. Learners will also be taught on whistleblowing policies and how certain environments can promote or undermine dignity and rights.

Care Certificate: Standard 12 – Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support training that meets UK resuscitation council guidelines.

Care Certificate: Standard 13 – Health & Safety

Identify legislation and implement effective health and safety measures. Recognise health and safety risks.

Care Certificate: Standard 14 – Handling Information

Recording, storing, and sharing information should be undertaken in a certain way in line with the agreed ways of working.

Care Certificate: Standard 15 – Infection Prevention & Control 

Keeping a care environment clean and hygienic is key to infection control and prevention but learners will also be taught on PPE and how to dispose of clinical waste.


We’re a trusted learning provider that specialises in care UK elearning training for care organisations. Our training courses are carefully thought-out to offer unique learning scenarios and resources learners would not have access to elsewhere.

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