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Altura’s Learning Resources available to our members

August 26, 2019 |

All of the learning and development staff at Altura Learning have a background working in residential or home care services in an education role. From our experience, we know that there isn’t always a one size fits all approach to education, so we have designed our suite of learning resources to support you, to customise how you deliver education to your staff. Some staff thrive with self directed learning, but some require a bit more support to complete assessments or embed the key messages delivered during education.

Below is an overview of the resources we supply for each course. It’s really up to you how to deliver it, but we’ve provided a raft of options so that you can support self directed learning, face to face delivery, toolbox talks, microlearning and refreshers. For each course we release, we ensure that assessment is provided that is concise, supports adult learning principles, promotes active learning and meets the needs of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

All of the resources are available as pdf resources for all courses released from 2019 onwards:

Assessment Framework

Essential Assessment – this assessment demonstrates that the learner has understood the information contained in the video. Staff can complete it on the hard copy supplied or if you access our courses via Bridge, the assessment is built in there. In Bridge we utilise the factoid and vocabulary questions which will randomise the majority of questions. This means that if staff need to resit the assessment, they will be asked different questions the second time.

Extension Assessment – this assessment asks the learner to reflect on their practice related to the subject discussed in the video. This requires short answers which are marked by a Coordinator. Staff can complete it on the hard copy supplied or if you access our courses via Bridge, an extension assessment is built for each course.

Evidence Assessment – overall there may be a variety of these assessments offered depending on the subject matter of a course, but they are all designed for the learner to demonstrate that they have the skills to implement the care or service in the workplace.

In addition to our Assessment Framework, Altura Learning supports each course with the following resources:

Quick Reference Guide – this contains the key points of the information in the course. It can be used for a quick face to face up date (toolbox talk), placed in a folder, noticeboard or in a staff area.

Course Information Sheet – this is an informational document that directs learners to further resources, information, definitions and who the Subject Matter Expert is. This is useful to have prior to viewing the course.

Certificate – a certificate is issued for each course to be completed by the Coordinator. Hours of active learning can be recorded on the certificate for learners who are required to maintain a record of continuing professional development.

Poster – a poster is available for each course.

Infographic – This document supports the concept of microlearning and is supplied to aid any staff who learn in different ways and may need help to retain information. It represents the key information from the course. Use it as a poster or email it to staff to refresh a key message. It could be used as a screensaver or you could attach it to pay slips.

Our Coordinator Resources contain the following:

  • A learning game – this game will be an opportunity to have a bit of fun to have with the participants! It can be used as an ice breaker or to continue to engage participants after having watched the video.
  • A case scenario is a fictional story of a person that allows learners to extrapolate and apply what they have learned to a practical scenario. You can present the case scenario to a group of staff for discussion or use it as a self-directed exercise. You could ask staff to relate the case scenario to the related policy and procedures at your organisation.
  • Essential Assessment Answers are contained in this pack to allow you to mark the Essential Assessment with ease.

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