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Documenting in a Care Environment

September 23, 2019 |

Thorough and appropriate documentation is a fundamental requirement when delivering care or support to a person. Not only does poor documentation impact on resident care, it could also impact you personally and your organisation if your notes are examined in a court or during an inspection.

In our new course Documenting in a Care environment, we discuss the purpose and legal requirements of documentation. We demonstrate the different types of documentation such as progress notes and charting that may be completed in a care environment and present a framework to assist with writing progress notes. We also discuss the problems that poor documentation may cause.

Handwritten and computerised note writing and charting is demonstrated. All computerised documentation has been completed utilising Manad Plus aged care software.

This course was filmed in a residential care facility and presents scenarios that commonly occur, so staff watching will easily relate to the content and will be able to apply the knowledge gained from the course in daily care activities.

As always, this course is supported with our suite of learning resources to support you to offer blended learning to your staff.

This course replaces the course Effective Written Documentation.


  • Did you know your care documentation could be used as evidence in legal proceedings?
  • As a nurse you have a duty of care to document the care that you provide.
  • Thorough documentation supports continuity of care.

Program Aim:

Effective documentation is essential in the delivery of quality care and support. We look at the principles of effective documentation and how to apply them.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognise the purpose and legal requirements of accurate documentation
  • Identify types of documentation found in the care environment
  • Recognise problems caused by poor documentation

Course name: Documenting in a Care Environment
Course Codes: OC17030RAU, AOC17030RUK, C17030RNZ
Countries: AU, NZ, UK
ResHC: Residential
Target Audience: Care Staff

Go to our Digital Course Library to find out more & watch the trailer:

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