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Building your care team’s resilience & wellbeing in Covid-19

February 8, 2021 |

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  • The #1 way to gain more resilience and reduce stress
  • How to plan and prioritize to reduce stress
  • Stress is very expensive nutritionally and what to do about it
  • We were ALL wrong about COVID-19 and why this has increased our stress
  • 3 simple ways to reduce stress and increase resiliency starting today

NCF, in partnership with Altura Learning and one of Altura Learning’s Subject Matter Experts, Delia McCabe PhD are delighted to offer this unique webinar on resilience and wellbeing for the care workforce to support your staff and your team during COVID-19. 

Drawing on 20 years experience and research in Nutritional Neuroscience, Delia McCabe PhD, a world-renown author and speaker, will share practical strategies to support better lifestyles for those working in care.

Altura Learning Building Your Care Teams Resilience and Wellbeining in Covid 19 Online Care Training
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