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Recognising Changes in Client Needs

October 2, 2019 |

When you’re working in the home care setting as a care/support worker, you may be the only person who sees a client on a regular basis. It’s expected that older people will have changes in their care or support requirements as they age or as their condition deteriorates so, as a home care worker, you are in the perfect position to recognise and act on these changes to ensure the person is supported appropriately.

This course explains the importance of care planning and regular assessment of the client, as well as the early indicators of change that may require intervention.

This course revolves around several clients who experience changes in their needs and you will see how the support worker responds to these changes.

As always, this course is supported with our suite of learning resources which includes an infographic, a quick reference guide as well our three stage assessments.

This course replaces Recognising and Communicating Changing Client Needs.


  • It’s expected that clients you support will experience changes in their needs as their condition deteriorates or they age. Do you know how to respond to these changes?
  • Can you identify the early indicators of change in a client’s needs?
  • How does a client that you support be assessed if their needs change?

Program Aim:

Staff play a vital role in monitoring the needs of people they support. This course describes how to recognise changes in client needs and how this supports effective care planning.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the stages of effective care planning and the purpose of regular assessment of client’s needs
  • Identify early indicators of changes to clients’ needs including the physical, behavioural and environmental signs
  • Describe the procedures for re-assessing individuals and communicating care needs for the delivery of services

Course name: Recognising Changes in Client Needs
Course Codes: AOC17032-B-H-GN
Countries: All countries
ResHC: Residential
Target Audience: Care Staff

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