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The Somerset Care Group – launch the hub

November 29, 2019 |

The Somerset Care Group is one of the major care providers in Southern England and one of the largest not-for-profit care companies in the UK.

Recently, the Somerset Care Group signed a 3-year contract with Altura Learning to help transform their approach to staff engagement, via mobile, anytime access to high quality learning – that was bespoke to their organisation.

Now live on Bridge, the LMS platform used by Altura Learning, the Somerset Care Group is really going from strength to strength with their creativity and innovative use of Bridge.

They now have over 3,100 learners enjoying Altura Learning’s quality content as well as savouring what our Bridge LMS has to offer. They have Auto CSV in place which is also a first for the UK. This means users will be created and removed automatically in Bridge by their HR system. Bridge will also automatically allocate role and location specific courses whilst ensuring refreshment schedules and compliance are maintained.

At the Somerset Care Group, they have implemented some great marketing strategies to promote staff engagement with learning. They’ve internally branded Bridge as ‘The Hub’ allowing them to share news and best practice with their employees about the benefits of Bridge. To support this, their marketing team has designed their own posters with login and the 24/7 Bridge support details. They have created stickers made up with the hub logo and the URL on them so employees can stick them to their phones, a very clever use of branding.

Shortly, the Somerset Care Group’s Learning and Developing team is also going on a roadshow to assist all Home and Community Managers on how to access Bridge and access reports. Jess Henry, Head of OD and Learning and Development at the Somerset Care Group, remarked: ‘We’ve really embraced the Bridge LMS and made it our own. We’re looking forward to executing the roadshows and sharing our new knowledge of Bridge and the training we’ve received from Altura Learning. We now have a wealth of best practice learning material at our fingertips. Initial feedback from our employees who have started using the platform has been very positive. One lady, who had been seriously considering giving up work because she couldn’t cope with technology, has now completed 100% of her training and has thoroughly enjoyed it; she’s telling everyone about it!’

Bruce Adams, Head of Sales Europe, Altura Learning, commented: ‘Working with over 170 care providers in the UK, our team has a great deal of experience of supporting organisations to engage their staff in learning, create their own online course content and integrate systems for seamless and efficient operations. The Somerset Care Group has been a fantastic organisation to work with, and what’s great is that we are learning from them too!’

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